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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Bloggity-blog! A Bunny's blog to boot...

Anyways...this here is my new blog, and as soon as I have more time, there will be more stuff here.
I wonder how many blogs start like that?
And it's my code-name, and yes, it's with the question mark, just like that. There is a story behind it, of course. I know it's totally ridiculous, but my husband started to call my 'bunny' early on...Okay, actually he started to call me 'nyuszi' which is Hungarian for the same. but sounds less ridiculously cutesy than in English. So, then, my brother-in-law observing this name-calling, and meeting me several times, sends me this Xmas gift of a puppet. It's a really nifty Venetian Renaissance-style puppet, brocades in deep burgundy and blue, gold and all: like a court lady. Right? Now, the fact that the head is the skull of a fox, and the hands are bird-of-prey claws...is totally secondary. Ok? But this *thing* is going to a masquerade. So it's having a mask in its hand, on a long stem. It's the mask of a furry, long-eared, really fluffy bunny, made out of real bunnyface.
I hope this does not sound too gross; it looks way cool; I've never thought this can be done. But Jim (my brother-in-law) says that this is what this should be essentially called: (with big open eyes and a panicked expression on his face): "Bunny??"

So hence the name for this blog.


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