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Friday, June 03, 2005

Brief Newsflash

Seems lately we work off lists, so here's mine:

1. The Husband's blog has imploded; he has a temporary one up at the same address. We have no idea what happened, except that it was, obviously, Blogger. Everything that he had up there previously is gone, which is a crying shame. Lots of good stuff.
2. Kittens continue to be adorable and cute, all over our front porch and hedge. More pictures are coming!
3. House continues to eat our money--on the other hand, with all the improvements we made in the past two years alone, it will be not only worth significantly more than we bought it for, but it is MUCH more comfortable. This past week, we had 12 inches of insulation, soffit vents and ridge vents intstalled to improve attic ventillation and insulation, and had the leaking roof repaired yesterday (there is nothing like a Texas summer thunderstorm literally dropping on your office, right on top of your computer, I tell ya...)
4. The Jeep is still in the shop, after TWO weeks--they were waiting for 3 different parts to come in from 3 different parts of the country. Crazy. AND these guys supposed to be a big Jeep dealership and service...bah. I am SO not impressed.
5. I STILL owe a review of that piece of...erm, celluloid, 'Kingdom Of Heaven' don't I?
::sigh:: Okay, after a month, I think I can look back without retching and review it with some objectivity and relatively small hair loss. This weekend. Really.
6. It's Friday. Need coffee and chocolate.


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