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Monday, June 30, 2003

Raspberry Adventure

I am excited to see how those raspberry bushes will perform. We planted then late Sunday evening as the sun was setting; Russ dug the holes (after much cursing, due to raspberries being thorny...) :-), and then we placed the little cuttings, pre-soaked in seaweed solution into the holes, piled the soil back, watered in, and threw handfuls of organic fertilizer on top. Looking forward to see if they survive--I know it's kinda late to plant these, but our front yard performed so well this year (as opposed to the back year...) that I have high hopes.
Someone seriously did some harm to the backyard...we put sooo much organic stuff back, and they plants are still struggling. Jonathon's tender care and constand supervision of the processes in this regard is always appreciated--the man has a great green thumb!!


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