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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Brief Update

As many of you know, The Husband has lost his paternal grandmother last week: the funeral was Monday, and he's back in town now. We made an obligation to be back in DC for Christmas this year, which we haven't done in long years. Will do much good: it is times like this you realize that time spent with family is always to be cherished.

Speaking about which, I spoke to my little family in Hungary over the weekend. My Dad is busy with his lake house and is contemplating finding money to install a sprinkler system in the yard; given Hungary's climate, it needs to be winterproof, which pushes the costs to Himalayan heights; however, Dad starts to get sick of watering his large yard by hand.... And my sister want to get back to school to get a degree in alternate psychiology at the local equivalent of a community college. Whee!

For those of you who called or emailed with condolences for the Husband, thank you! For those of you who spent the weekend with me while he was in DC and cheered me up on my birthday weekend--I was more grateful than I could show. It was great, guys, and I truly appreciate it.


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