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Monday, August 22, 2005

On the ground for a while...

Back from Seattle Friday night, late: barely saw anything of the city, short of the breathtaking view from the conference room window. Next time, hopefully. The temperature break was refreshing--they all complained about the heat; it was around 80F. I guess I am acclimatizing here in TX, because my first thought was :"Wusses..."

Weekend went by fast, partly due to the fact that we had 100s temperatures in Irving with heat advisory, so we mostly stayed inside. One of these days, when the weather breaks, we can actually take care of yardwork and stuff.

The apple tree died Sunday, officially...poor Granny Smith could not cope with the scorching no-shade heat in the front yard. learning curve in tree-raising. The Husband plans crape myrtles all around the yard in the fall. Those should be better faring than the late apple tree, we hope. The peppers, on the other had, in the back yard, love the heat--just need to be watered every second day. Lots of flowers and little peppers all over.

Should post a long-overdue chili recipe here probably this evening.


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WHERE is that recipe???


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