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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Slow Music for Fast Times

We have this unlimited subscription to Hearts Of Space, an online music streaming service of the radio program of the same name with nearly 700 archived programs and a bunch of albums online for streaming as well. If you ever listened to the radio program (which, goshdarnit, no one carries in the DFW metroplex, the closest one is down in Waco), you know that they started out as a purely space music program but later they branched out into world music, ambient and ethno-tech as well, but all the while keeping the high quality and the soothing, contemplative nature of their chosen albums and musicians. As they themselves define their niche: a "mix of ambient, electronic, world, new age, classical and experimental"music.

While due to copyright issues you cannot really download full programs, streaming this on your desktop while working is really helping my steess levels, and is incredibly soothing at home in the evenings as dark finally seeps through the curtains in the sunroom.
They have a three-day trial subscription to stream as much as you like during those 3 days, for $3, to see if you like what they offer, in case you are in need for some slow music in these fast, fast times indeed.


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