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Friday, August 17, 2007

Transparent Butterfly

A friend from Budapest sends me messages from time to time; messages with images she liked, or some of those rare chain letters worth forwarding...She is one of those rare friends with whom you can take up a conversation even though you haven't seen them for a year, and talk like you'd never parted, then part again for a year, and know she'll still be there for you. Very comforting...and even though I could not meet her this time around when I was there, it's good to know she's there for me.

So this is what she sent:

A butterfly with transparent wings is rare and beautiful. As delicate as finely blown glass, the presence of the Glasswing butterfly (Greta oto) is used by rain forest ecologists in Central America as an indication of high habitat quality and its demise alerts them of ecological change.

All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed: in life that which is unnoticed has the most power! Really something isn't it?


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