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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wisdom For The Ages

If you are going to SMU's direction or environs for an evening event, check if they had a game that same afternoon. Very important: as we had to realize Saturday as we arrived to partake the Momix performance at McFarlin Auditorium Saturday evening. We got there early, turned off I-75, and all of a sudden there were WALKING people EVERYWHERE...
Now, if you are familiar with Dallas, you know how unusual that is...people do NOT walk anywhere. They take the car even to the corner store for a half-gallon milk (chiefly because the corner store is so far away from any residential area--sometimes zoning truly sucks). SO when there were all these people walking around us, and we spotted, a. the lights over the SMU stadium and b. the solid mass of cars coming towards us, we went "OOOh, crap."
Yep--I jokingly said to The Husband: "Surely it won't take us 45 minutes to get to McFarlin and find a parking spot, right?" Boy, was I wrong!
Approximately 40 minutes later, when The Husband's knuckles were white grabbing the steering wheel and he seriously contemplated just turning around and leaving the whole thing (which is a BIG thing, considering just how much he loves dance and this group in particular)...we finally managed to park right next to a large garbage container, and run (which was a feat considering I was wearing heels) to McFarlin (we did NOT get a parking space anywhere close).
Fortunately it turned out that others also had some problems similar to ours, so the performance has not started yet. Then there was the couple who misread their section number on their tickets and were sitting in our seats... but that small problem solved, we got seated at last, and had a very, very good evening indeed.


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