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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sorry for the silence, folks...life, ever helpful, intervened. What with my dad's impending surgery news and the worry over that, house chores, Advent, The Husband's insane teaching schedule that is in its final exam week now (yay!) and my new obsession over a certain game, blogging kind of took a backseat. Hopefully will be back on a more regular basis with some actual content for those who are missing it.

Happy Advent, for one! Ours is very joyous so far. I am looking forward to some quality baking this weekend, plus the last frenzy of gift-shopping needs to be done. We did the majority over the Internet last Friday--when finished, I must confess to a little victory dance I did around the library, chanting: "I've achieved, I've achieved, I've ACHIEVEEEEED!"


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