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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Can I Have A Pirate's Life For Me Please?

At last! Yarrrr! Yes, we HAVE seen Pirates of the Caribbean last night!
What a blast! I don't even remember what was the last time I could be soooo entertained by a movie...when I was a kid, I guess, and seen those old swashbuckler movies, I guess. No, wait, Princess Bride was like this, kinda. Anyhow, I don't know what kind of people those critics are who said this was dull...I mean, this is a summer adventure movie with zombie pirates, for chrissakes! It is not, of course, a deep and meaningful meditation on the fate of mankind, or the nature of love, or the eternal battle versus good and evil, or the power of gold over...
Okay. It is, however, pure, unadulterated fun, in the grand old style. I kept having flasbacks to the old black-and-white Errol Flynn and Jean Marais flicks I grew up with, or the Italian adaptations of Emilio Salgari's pirate novels.
Ahh, and Johnny Depp, I must confess, was just so completely insane he almost stole my heart...just almost. He definitely would have back when I was an angsty teenager. His act was positively shining; and the rest of the cast danced along with him and the --again--wonderfully evil Geoffrey Rush (anyone remembers his Walsingham in the totally underappreciated Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett? Best LAWFUL evil character on screen for a long time...)
So...can I have that island, the Black Pearl, a big bonfire and Johnny Depp for a week, please?


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