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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Cats and such...

It is always fun watching the four cats currently living in our household. This morning, after I returned from the bathroom (where I did my customary morning ablutions, of course), I found two of them around my husband, who desperately attempted to sleep , following last afternoon's unfortunate accident with 205 pounds of incorrectly lifted weight in the gym. Rudy, aka The Old Man, was sitting in the crook of his knees, as usual, with the smug expression on his face saying 'well, i am SOOO pleased with myself', while Marco Polo, aka Stares At Water, aka Pirate Kitty, the Hungarian implant brown tabby, was perching on the trunk at the foot of the bed, with the painful 'don't you understand I cannot stand that invasive red bastard who took my place on the bed?' look I learned to decipher the day after Rudy arrived to our household.
Spot, Jonathon's cat (and when I say Jonathon's cat, I mean it(, was already in the kitchen, demanding food (later we discovered she also tried to rouse Jonathon from sleep by scratching on the window glass at o'dark-thirty); while Harold, aka Mighty White Huntress, aka PermaKitten, Rufel's cat, was out and about...She spends more and more time outside, often overnighting...and frequently we happen to find the sad remains of her prey items (little lizards or bugs with heads removed) in the backyard or on the front porch. For some strange reason, Harold only eats the heads. Now who would have thought it, looking at her trembling between cushions when first time I've seen her in J+R's apartment back at Village Square that she'd one day not only dare the outdoors, but develop a strange fascination for headhunting??
Did I mention I like cats? :-)


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