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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A Movie Night

It was...interesting. We tried to go and see Pirates of the Carribbean last night (with Russ, Rufel and Jonathon), but...ehm, well...we got to the theater ten minutes before the start of the show at seven pm, and it was swarming with people. I mean, there was a loooong line, and we were at the tail end of it...Russ looked at it and said: 'OOps...we not gonna make it." We did not, indeed. Being a no-school weekday night, and having T3, Pirates, LXG and Legally Blonde 2 playing at the same time...no. So we hopped over to Barnes and Noble instead (one of the few reasons to go to Irving Mall these days, now that my favorite coffee shop and Up In Smoke is gone...), to sip some caffeinated beverage, have a cake, and look at books. Me, poor soul, Russ kindly directed towards the continuations of Tad Willams' trilogy, so I was doomed. Why fantasy authors tend to think in huge volumes of sweeping epic??His third part of the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series is actually a two-volume hugeness, each as long as the first tow together, or nearly so...
Of course, who am I to speak? I have notes somewhere (which I must dig up from either my sister or from my dad's stroage room when I visit home this Christmas), in which I planned a trilogy for my Arthuriana book as well.

Anyways, last night we watched Nightmare Before Christmas instead. :-)


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