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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Still Packing...

Well, we are _still_ have schtuff in the garage. Okay, a bunch of it is Jim's (like the huge drop-down leaf table, or The Bed and The Buffet From Hell), but we did not even touch the pictures yet.
On the other hand, the china situation has improved. I swapped out my Blue Willow china with the red Fitzhugh, and the white grapes set with the blue-and-green Pfalzgraff that I did not even know I was getting...thanks Chris! Both old sets of mine found good homes with friends who put them into good use, which is better than them sitting in the garage waiting for my once-to-be daughter to set up her own house.
I had some hard feelings parting those sets, which might sound weird, I realize; but having completely and utterly demolishing a household once and moving overseas with nothing else but a husband, two suitcases and a cat kinda made me appreciate the fact that I have matching china sets and such. :-)
In other news, we shall attempt to see Pirates again today. Rufel was sweet enough to offer to purchase the tickets in advance. Hah! Planning! Yeah, what's that?


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