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Monday, March 29, 2004


I need to extend a thank you for my household. You see, I was sick as a dog on Sunday--got slightly better today so I could drag my lil' butt to work, but still weak--and they labored for most of the afternoon to make the front yard look SO much better. My hubby removed (with the help of his faithful axe) the worm-ridden hedge and the despicable heavenly bamboo (neither heavenly nor bamboo, I hate the stuff) by the porch, then all three of them (The Bunny and her husband shares their abode with The Lizard Queen and her husband) cleaned the patch of soil and extended the porch area a bit so it's more suitable for sitting and having a tea or iced lemonade during the evenings. With the planned addition of some climbing roses, geraniums and lavender bushes, it shall be rather comfortable for this coming summer. Whee!
Meanwhile, they kept me bundled up and warm, supplied constantly with tea and water and other goodies, and I got a wonderful soul-warming chicken soup from The Lizard Queen, bless her hands!
Thank you all, again--you turned that miserable day to a warm and cozy sick day experience!


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