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Friday, March 19, 2004

Back in business...

Yes, we are back...loaded with clothes, old family photos, chocolate and good wine and spirits (in both sense of the word). We had a great vacation, seeing family and old friends, walking on the streets of my childhood, siping tea in dark teahouses and having really strong ristrettos and rich chocolate cakes in small pastry shops...Budapst seemed to be cleaner and more relaxed this time, and as the hubby hasn't seen the city in two years, he definiely had to state that it's heading in the right direction development-wise. A city to visit, a city to enjoy--just hold on to your purse, because pickpocketing is still a favorite pastime on the underground.
Hopefully I will be over the jetlag as well, and soon--this tme it hit me rather hard for some reason.
In other news:

which art movement are you?

this quiz was made by Caitlin



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