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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Brief recap

Big hiatus, I know. Life interferes all the time.
Well, I'd been to San Francisco and back last week on a business trip which gave me a thinly veiled excuse to see my brother-in-law and his fiancee there; and what a great time we had...As a side benefit, I escaped three 100plus degree days from DFW...yayness. Then over the weekend we traveled down to Austin with husband and the Lizard Queen plus her hubby to see a friend who's gotten a teaching gig in South Korea: bon voyage and bonne chance, Andy! It is always fun to get out a little bit, but I must confess that this week kicked my behind pretty hard.

And Friday August the 6th was out 4th wedding anniversary, too--we went out for a fine, fine Italian dinner. If you are in the area and want something special, don't miss Cafe Cipriani in Las Colinas. Not only the food is good, but the service is excellent and the atmosphere is really intimate for those special dinners-for-two. As an anniversary present, my sweetie got me a set of Cutco knives, the crazy man...I am SO thrilled. Those of you who have culinary interests can understand why...I had so much fun chopping stuff yesterday I had to run into the room hubby was sorting through and tell him just how much I appreciated those knives. 'Sharp' is an understatement. I am back down memory lane in my cooking school days when I really had to concentrate on where my knuckles were, but I was able to reduce food preparation time drastically because the knives were so sharp it took that much less time to chop anything.
Speaking about food, I made venison lasagna yesterday; great success. Recipe will soon follow.


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