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Thursday, July 08, 2004

No time for blogging, Mr. Jones...

These past two weeks had been rather busy both at work and at home, so there was almost no time for blogging for The Bunny...It seems, however, that this was a general phenomenon in my little circle of blogging friends. Except, of course, my dear husband, The Boxing Alcibiades, who posts about every day, quite rigorously (not that I mind it). But, yes, more posts are in order, provided work-life balance allows: we'd seen the new Spiderman movie over Independence Day weekend, had at least two (no, actually, three)great books to read over last week (see my sidebar on the right), and Neverwinter Nights, the computer game is really cool... Ah, and The Last Samurai, the movie (okay, flick) we watched on DVD last night, is really as horrid as I was told. There are two things in it that were kinda cool: 1. I finally learned what a fishpole is for (Chris-brother, this is for you!), and 2. you can see some amazing transmogrification of Japanese samurai into Mongol warriors. No, really. For clarification: this is the movie that Tom Cruise shot because he finally could get into a role where he's taller than everyone else.

More later: work beckons.


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