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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Long Time Blogless...

...but, finally, sans bronchitis, which is, to quote the Husband "A Good Thing (tm)".

Memorial Day came and gone: we had seen many friends, and, due to two parties at the same time, missed dear Kashi's surprise birthday party...we hear it was a smashing success, though. Sunday we finally made it to Scarborough Faire, where it was really hot, had much Orange Delight, fruit sticks and bratwurst, walked our feet off in the scorching heat--in other words, the usual stuff one does at the Faire. Monday the Husband and I drove down to West, Texas to pick up kolaches and eat some Czech food.
On the way down, I subjected the poor man to an hour-long rant on the subject of the recently released movie "Troy" which I have not seen yet, I must 'fess, but about which I have heard many things--none of them good. Okay, the spearfight, I am told, is pretty decent. That, however, does not make me want to rush and see it. I will have to, though--otherwise I cannot rant publicly about someething I only know from second-hand descriptions. But it shall be painful, I know. Much painful. I was such a Greek mythology geek (and I still am at heart) that in first grade I made my schoolmates play gods and goddeses of Ancient Greece (in 1978, in Communist Hungary I might add with certain pride); and in freshman's camp I was carrying my battered copy of the Iliad to the amusement of many. So it is painful...but we shall see. Now, the question is: who'd be willing to see it with me?


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