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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Catching Up To Do.

Well, okay, yes, I AM woefully late with actually watching some movies that had been in the theatres for AGES...but finally they came out on DVD, so it's SO much better to actually only pay 4 bucks and see it in your very own living room with hot tea/coffee and good friends, plus being allowed to SCREAM really loud at certain ones, while silently breathing in the beauty and truth of others or laughing hysterically about some.

In the past couple of weeks we had seen some of the so-called 'big ones'of the year 2004 that we missed in theater and re-visited some others that we watched and wanted to see again. I really enjoy watching movies with our former housemates/now neighbors, because we can geek out comfortably from our collective and respectible niches (history, literature, politics) without that uncomfortable feeling you can get sometimes when you said something that you thought was amazingly witty and spiffy and folks are just staring at you like 'Huh?', and then you start to explain and you miss half of the action on the screen. Anyway, must be our insane amount of humanist-type education three of them got at UD, and my stupid amount of graduate-level work back in Hungary (geez, I realized the other day I actually spent almost 10 years in higher education...eep!)

So: maybe not in this post, but in some subsequent ones I will hopefully be able to muse about said movies, films and flicks because more and more people (not the least my dear husband) tells me I need to write this stuff down. And maybe with not too many typos or non-native grammar errors. One can always hope.

I also owe my Dear Readers more recipes, especialy now that I cook more--we started to take our lunches to work as part of a no-starch diet thingy, so I can get REALLY creative with things like chicken thighs, walnuts and garlic plus cilantro, or carrots and olives plus second half of said cilantro bunch (and more garlic. Yumm).

Movies to be NOT reviewed but just casually spoken (or SCREAMED) about will hopefully be:
I, Robot (or Why This Was So Played Down?)
Troy (or How Did I Screamed Myself Raw, plus the Amusing Moment at Blockbusters)
King Arthur (or Well, Actually This One...)
Hero (or Yes, I Know I've Seen This One before, However...)
The Manchurian Candidate (courtesy of the Jelly-Pinched Wolf's Movie Club--I speak of the original, not the Denzel W.-Meryl S. remake thingy)
The Village (yes, This was One of Those Completely Misunderstood Ones Again)

We still need to finish watching the Bill Hicks DVD we accidentally stumbled on last night at BB (as The Husband said; "Lord, I did not know you could still BUY these...") so The Reverend will get honorable mention, and will be talked about later (besides, i fell asleep through the middle of 'Relentless', which normally does not happen with me and Hicks, except I am fighting this stomach bug and am rather exhausted).

So--I really hope i can pull this off in the coming days. It always pisses me off when supposed movie critics have ZERO clue about their topic but pose as authorities, and most of the movies listed above are actually ones for which I can recognize their backround influences (more or less). I might tuck in some other ones i've seen and remembered as we go.


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