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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Vale Greg...

So: our '98 Saturn SL2, Greg, started to die a couple of months ago and about three weeks ago the thing just died on me a Monday afternoon when I tried to leave work. Two days and half a paycheck later...(OUCH!) we came to terms with the sad facts: Greg had to be replaced.
I love Greg. Greg has leather seats, sun roof, hugging seats, new stereo system we put in a year ago, spacious trunk, forgiving steering...On the con side, Greg's acceleration SUCKS donkey, he is a boat, lately the gas mileage was not the best, and oh, did I mention that last time it cost us half a paycheck to fix him up and Ron at the dealership already knew what will go next?
So: On Monday the 27th Boxing Alcibiades and I called our Saturn dealership, told them our problem, and a couple of hours and two test drives later we were owners of Squishy.
Therefore the title. He was the downpayment for our new Saturn. You can't argue with 0% down 0% interest now, can you? :-)
So, Squishy. He is named Squishy because he is that particular Electric Lime color some would title as gooses^&*(. It is not. Trust me. Seen the original. He was the last '04 car on the lot, and our salesperson, hearing what The Hubby would use the car for, recommended that instead of a 4-door sedan, we try the new Quad Coupe. And, after test driving the 04 and the 05 models, and discussing various finance options, we chose Squishy. Squishy has sunroof, black leather seats, a small steering wheel, lots of bells and whistles (ABS, traction control, 3-way adjustable seats,MP3-player/6-disc CD changer being only some of them...), accelerates really good, and, after driving it safely in the pouring rain last night, the Husband really likes it. So I got to drive the Jeep Cherokee which has bad mileage but hauls stuff; it makes more sense that I drive it on my 13-minute commute to work than B. A. to downtown Dallas, unless he has to transport lots of people or lots of stuff.
And our salesperson told us when we went to pick up our registration and license plate that Greg was sold the next day we brought him in. Yay--I am glad he has a new home...


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