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Monday, December 13, 2004

Almost there...

A few updates from the Bunnyhousehold:
1. One day left until
a. The Return of the King Extended Edition DVD comes out
b. My brother-in-law and his fiancee visits us for a week-yay! Happiness!
2. Christmas tree is UP, UP, UP...with LIGHTS this time...small, but cute.
3. Got the Christmas shopping DONE...unless I see something really NEAT and SHINY...in which case I'll either be strong and resolute and turn my head away like poor Soviet soliders when marching on Budapest's main shopping stre in the late 80s in front of the bloody capitalist Ostermann clothing store (not kidding, I was there for it...) OR
I will be poinging up and down and rush at The Thing like a mad little ferret (insert happy poinging SQEEEE! noises) and buy it FAST before The Dour Scottishwoman living inside me (just ask The Husband, he will tell you)steps in and makes me want to cry and run away and feel BAD...

Anyways, I am listening to my random playlist on the computer, browsing through various Internet music stores for hard-to-find pieces (you know, JUST in case...), being mildly under te weather, but in a GREAT mood.


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