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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

New Links Added

I added two bloglinks on the right: please welcome Technogypsy and Sciolist Salmagundi; they are friends, their blogs are great--visit them often.

In other news, life continues to be busy. We did major yard maintenance work over the weekend--the front yard is manageable now, what with the new plants and the spring round of organic fertilizer down. We started to train the climbing roses upwards as well--the plan is to acquire more of those to create tunnels of roses by the front entrance and the side yard.

In the backyard, we set up the vegetable bed again. It's amazing how much additives you need to put in in TX: compost, lava sand, corn meal, organic fertilizer...back in Hungary at my grandma's garden you just put the plants in, watered, and it grew like mad... We have now tomatoes and pepper plants, plus I planted seeds of lettuce, onions and radishes, and garlic cloves. The weather should be quite nice once the current bout of the last cold is over--hopefully by the weekend, so everything will start growing like weeds.


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