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Monday, March 07, 2005

Quick Update

Well, it seems the current disease wave is over...::wipes forehead:: At last this week I did not come down with any thing yet--small favors to be grateful for...
I am off to San Antonio tomorrow--this will be the last leg of my corporate whirlwind tour of Texas auditing some district office files...whee! No more of this stuff for 6 months...instead, we will do a series of travels on the personal side soon. I joined a bunch of hotel chain reward and airline reward programs this spring, I am doing so much travel (some of it, delightfully enough, avec The Husband).

We did some clothesbuying for The Husband this weekend--he got some nice compliments from the store manager at the Men's Wearhouse we went to, so I am mightly pleased. He'll look really sharp for his brother's wedding--since it's an after 6:00PM wedding, I could talk him renting full tails...plus we got him some new shirts, a pair of slacks and a really nice jacket.
Our yard also started to get a makeover--we fixed up the front yard, planted gerania (red and lemon-scented), more lavender bushes (for some reason those really like our front yard...), couple of Wandering Jews (the purple creeping plants), a basil for my herb garden...tied up the roses that were all over the yard...The peach tree has little fuzzy peaches on it already, and the plum started to bud flowers Sunday, so Spring is definitely here. We also got some tomatoes and peppers, and, after preparing a bed for them when I return from traveling, they will get planted as well. Mmm...gardening...I love Sprong!


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