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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Un-Reviews, Take One

Okay, then...as I said before: these are NOT reviews. Just my random musings reflecting on a rainy evening about various movies I'd watched in the past, oh, month or so. For some reason we've seen a bunch of them lately. Yes, still cheaper than in the theater, especially now that I don't have to pay late fees ::grin::.

I was really, really surprised about I, Robot. This was part of a dual-renting expedition with the Lizard Queen who was quite horrified when I chose, alongside this DVD the dreaded and oft' screamed-about "Troy". But more about that one later.

I had no preconceptions about "I, Robot": I expected to see nothing from Asimov's book, except some of the character names.I was, however, pleasantly surprised when I realized that the scriptwriters ACTUALLY read the book, and actually said the movie was 'inspired by' it, as opposed to 'based on' which always gives me the creeps, because in a lot of instances that phrase just disguises the approach: "We can do whatever we want, because we bought the rights!" They read the book, because the basis of musings on free will, freedom and such are intact in the movie version, and the investigation part of the plot is actually rather riveting. The visuals for me were not that distracting, except the Audi advertisements, and you know what? Will Smith acted good, and was obvious that he liked the whole idea: in other words, this was deifinitely not just a boat payment for him...like, oh, say, 'Troy' was for poor Sean Bean.
And there, there it is. When we were done with "I, Robot", we decided NOT to spoil it with said other flick,(it was almost midnight anyway), so instead, we watched it next day, with freshly scrubbed mind, some food, and some tranquilizer darts ready in case I burst a vein in my uncontrolled screaming and sobbing (this latter did not actually happen, but boy, we were close.) Now, I have NO problems with flicks like, say, 'Gladiator', which you can watch as a legit fantasy piece that has eerily similar names and places to Ancient Earth history. That one had a believable plot, great characters, development, you know, the usual drama stuff you like stories for. (Even though I STILL bear grudges about calling Maximus 'the Spaniard', or letting Aurelius's daughter sit in the Senate, but that's the aborted Classical Historian in me and I can handle her...) But WHAT was this thing, this pseudo-I don't even know what to call for?
Oh, wait. I know. It was a legit cover to show Brad's nekkid backside. Yes, that must have been it. That's why three ladies at the rental place almost hit the checkout guy, their colleague because he said: "Well, I do not care much for Brad Pitt, myself..." I swear, these women SHRIEKED and turned towards him like Furies and were ready to POUNCE because he DARED to imply that B. P. sucks... It was rather amusing. Much more, actually, than the piece itself. Even though, as I said to the Lizard Queen, I can safely separate the two phenomena, that is, 'Troy' which is a really really sad and bad piece of donkey dung, and Brad Pitt, who once upon a time could really act (I just watched 'Seven' again this weekend and oh boy)--and yes, who, I must admit, got some heavy workout in for this movie and looked rather appetizing. Until he started to do what he thought passed for emoting in this role at which point all we poor watchers could do was making primate noises, rather loud.

But, this is not a movie review. So, I think I shall abruptly stop now, leaving my Dear Readers with a cliffhanger and hopefully continuing tomorrow, when my brain restarts. It's past 2200 now and The Bunny's little mind usually shuts down at this point. All I can remember now from this miserable piece of wreckage is that famous one-liner Helen Krueger as Helen says to Orlando Bloom as Paris: "Last night was a mistake." Yes, anyone who paid theather prices for this made a HUGE mistake.

Back hopefully tomorrow with more on Brad as a monkey,the 'Everyone is A Cousin' syndrome, Sean Bean's boat payment and the question: "Where the H**()" did all the gods go?"

The Bunny out.


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