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Monday, January 31, 2005

I Normally Don't Post These, But...

I have a husband who regularly posts in these veins, along with my friend the Lizard Queen: they are my two politics fix providers, along with many good links on their sites.
This, however, I had to post--courtesy of today's WSJ Best of The Web by James Taranto. The source is The New York Tinmes's coverage of the Iraqi elections:

The Times quotes 80-year-old Rashid Majid: "We have freedom now, we have human rights, we have democracy. We will invite the insurgents to take part in our system. If they do, we will welcome them. If they don't, we will kill them."

As a Hungarian who lived under the Communists (even though, I must admit, in the 'happiest barrack'of the red block) this speaks volumes to me.


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