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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long weekend

It was good, to be able to sit at home, not doing anything more productive than laundry Saturday, some meals and watching The Husband play Neverwinter Nights. When Tuesday morning came, I kept thinking it was Monday. Luckily, it was not, as Mondays are always crazy in the office, and I am STILL moving slow.

However, we made a decision over the weekend with The Husband, in the light of recent events so fresh in all of our minds they still give me regular nightmares: to up our disaster preparedness a bit and start to assemble a better Grab-n-Go kit than the one we kinda have scattered around the house (Yes, we have about 70% of what most of the online versions describe, but not in one place, in an easily grab-able bag or large container--and wait, where did we put those extra duct tapes, flashlights, etc?). Also, need to find some time and opportunity to get to the range and practice with my new gun: when it's over 100 degrees in TX, you are just not that keen on trying the outdoor ranges nearby... With the weather breaking, it would be easier.


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