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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Greek Vase Paintings

Red or black figure, does not matter in this case. And a good dose of Classic Greek drama, with all of its conventions, larger-than life protagonists, masks and tragic fates; plus all the splendor and fantastic creatures of Greek mythology. That's how one is supposed to see "300". Once we have this in mind (plus that it was made based on a comic book that was based on a secondary source re-telling the battle of Thermopylae--does it start to sound like an Umberto Eco pseudo-literary history yet?), even an almost-classicist like me leans back and enjoys it immensely, and only occassionally cringes on the historical inaccuracies. For a more detailed review, go and see The Husband's thoughts here.
Oh, and ladies? It is true. The sixpacks are dreamy in this one.


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