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Monday, March 26, 2007

New Tolkien Book!

This is coming out April 13th...Needless to say I preordered it. I read the previously published excerpts of it in the History of Middle Earth series, and they are so beautifully and hauntigly written, they literally made me shiver (especially the time spent among the outlaws, the Curse of Morgoth at the beginning, some scenes of Turin's youth at home, and, of course, the very ending).

I cannot decide if this ever could be made into a movie, because it really, really should not be messed with. Probably not; I would love to see the great dragonfight, though...It is one of the great tragic tales of English-language literature, and its roots are both in the Greek tragedies and in the Germanic heroic cycles.
Plus, it is illustrated; and by Alan Lee to boot! Woot!


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