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Friday, May 11, 2007

Kalamazoo Report This Far

Well, it is Friday evening, I am wireless and alone in the student lounge in Britton Hall--for some reason people seem to think the only place you can get wireless service is the lobby, or else they jut did not realize this lounge exists, every time I come in here it is totally empty...Anyhow, reception is less patchy in the evening than in the morning. Had some good sessions yesterday, some not so good ones today. Already bought books, woe me! I will make another round tomorrow morning, so if anyone has some special requests, leave it in the comments (certain people living in houses net to me come to mind...) :-)
Campus is as usual, very pretty in the spring, and yes there are swans on the pond, and there are ducklings too, in Valley II where they moved the meals this year. Really cure fluffballs, too, running all over the middle courtyard, about a dozen of them (or maybe less, they were just everywhere when I looked).
More later; I will take it easy tomorrow, concentrating on the books and one afternoon session; then the infamous Pseudo-Society lecture Saturday evening. My second session we co-organized with my pal Amy is Sunday morning at 0830. Yippee. Maybe two people will show up. UNtil then, I'll try to enjoy myself.


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