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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mug Shots

Greetings from the little coffee shop of Valley One at Western Michigan University! I am siting here with a cappucino and an Italian cherry soda trying to convince The Husband's spiffy laptop I have on loan to actually type all the characters I tap on the keyboard. The battle is still raging.
The coffee is good, the soda is sweet, the wireless is steady, and the sofa is rather soft. I already made my rounds at the book fair this morning and came away with three books (well, two, actually, as the third is a display copy I need to go back this afternoon and grab it).
I am struggling with a particular scene in my story that was inevitable but nevertheless difficult; I have no problems working on medieval battle scenes, but the combination of modern weapons(the story is set in our time, but the characters are not exactly ordinary...), hand to hand and old weapons can be intimidating to this 140-lbs lady here...:-) I am getting through, though: the good thing about the nature of my heroine is that the fight scenes do not last long.
Churning onward, then...I have a session in the afternoon to attend at 330, after I pick up my book, then dinner and possibly an evening entertainment before starting packing, as I leave tomorrow after our morning roundtable.


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