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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Observations/status report/whatnot

Stomach is still unsettled, fever's gone.
Appetite is weird: hungry but not wanting to eat much, and specific things at that.
Did my stomach shrink or what?
Oatmeal with water instead of milk (out of milk at work, too lazy to go downstairs to the cafeteria to grab some, and they are out of milk 50% of the time anyway) just does not taste right. Like glue, to be exact, despite the maple and brown sugar flavor. Wallpaper paste?
I really did not want to get out of bed this morning: woke freom nioghtmare, looked at clock, though "Oh no, it is almost six, I cannot even sleep back now..."--then alarm went off, cats got ballistic as in 'feed me NOW', so I complied, thinking 'why is it SO dark stil? '. Shambled into kitchen , grabbed catfood can, went to back door, opened door to feed cats outside, looked at the pavestones and thought 'Oh, it is rain. All right then."Closed door, fed monsters inside, went on with my morning, thinking all the while "WHY am I awake again?"
Hope to move up from soup for lunch today--after four days it gets very boring.
Totally exciting, isn't it?


At 12:05 PM, Anonymous lizardqueen said...

::more hugs::

salve, anna.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Annamaria said...

Meh. It will pass. Stomach things I hate most than anything else, mostly b/c they are so stupidly rob you from your will to live. :-) Thanks for the kind thoughts!

At 4:34 PM, Blogger coffespaz said...

Glad you are on the mend. Totally commisserate with you. Most illnesses I can handle, but when it comes to the stomach or the headaches I turn to mush! Yes, oatmeal with water definitely can be defined as wallpaper paste....YUCK!



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