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Friday, June 15, 2007


Another good spot we frequent with The Husband during our Friday lunch dates (he's off teaching that day, thus we can meet and have lunch together, which I very much enjoy) is Chef's American Cuisine next to the Local Diner Irving location mentioned below (corner of Beltline North and Regent Blvd).
And we are going for one reason alone there, almost every week, like clockwork: the gyro sandwich. Thick flatbread with thin strips of chargrilled meat and onions (hellooo, grease!) plus thick, tangy, garlicky cucumber sauce on the side, along with seasoned home fries. Yum. One for me, one for The Husband, then maybe, just maybe, if I am very hungry, a slice of pistachio-and-honey laced baklava...
They know us there by now; the owner shakes hands with us whenever he's there. It is really nice to be a regular somewhere.
I am told their philly cheesesteak sandwich is quite mean too...I would not know; I cannot give up my gyro fix...Give it a try if you are in the area.



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