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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Local Diner

Anyone who's looking for a decent diner for breakfast or lunch in Irving could do well to check out Local Diner (several other locations through the metroplex apparently)... We had a good lunch with The Husband there today after he was done with administering midterms.
The pros: big juicy burgers, lovely shakes (the banana and the cherry-chocolate especially yummy), fun decor full of glamor shots of 50s stars)...
The Cons: their coffee. I am not sure if it's just that my tastebuds shifted due to the exposure of homeroasted high-quality single source coffee I am now preparing at home, but I cannot get any enjoyment or even remote satisfaction out of restaurant coffee any more, and the Local Diner's coffee was especially dredfully stale and burned, their half- and-half artificially flavored... Also, the servers tend to check on you constantly, which can be quite disturbing especially when you carry out some serious conversations...:-)
However, all in all, if one wants the overall diner experience, this place hits the spot: no wonder it is almost constantly full. Corner of Beltline and Regent Blvd in Irving.
And now, the task: trying not to be totally braindead for the rest of the afternoon. The Husband could go home and take a nap but I have to pretend I am at least marginally awake, even if all of our salespeople are on a conference in Toronto. I think I go and clean my area under my desk now, just to stay awake.



At 3:44 PM, Blogger coffespaz said...

That sounds delightful. I love old diners, and thrill at the fact that there are still an abundance of them in the Northeast!


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