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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Well today is St. Anna's day--in Hungary, where we celebrate name-days, this would be mine (name days are BIG where I come from). My dad called me today in the morning, very thoughtfully not at 0600 when he usually does but an hour later (I was up and cleaning the catbox, incidentally...) wishing me all good things and telling me how sweet his grapes are at the lake house, plus his car woes with The Boat (a Ford Focus European stationwagon) that has died AGAIN last week due to heat exhaustion of the engine cooling system.

My plans? I am going to pick up something small and delicious at Tom Thumb, then go home, feed the kitties, go to the gym, come home, clean whatever mess the cats made, eat the tasty treat, maybe watch an old favorite movie on the DVD player, then go to bed.


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