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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Things That Make The Bunny Happy

Among other things this week...:-) I learned a while back that my favorite songstress, Loreena McKennitt is planning an US tour this fall, and that Dallas is one of the possible stops on the road.
Her music, from the first time I heard her on the radio in Hungary, was absolutely mesmerizing, capturing and uplifting for me. I still remember: it was a late night world music show in 1991, and the guy played her version of 'Greensleeves'. I thought immeditately that I need to get her music, but it was absolutely unavailable in Hungary, and as an imported rather niche product, it would have been prohibitively expensive for me, the second-year archeology student anyway.
February of the next year, however, found me in the UK, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for three months, due to a research grant from the project I participated in at the university, so pretty soon I had my hands on her The Visit album on a tape. I was walking down on the main shopping street of Newcastle, just outside of campus, slid the tape in my walkman, pressed the 'Play' button, and as the first accords of 'All Souls Night' filled my ears, I thought: "Yes. This is IT."
Ever since then, I turned to her music whenever a Big Thing happeend in my life, and it never failed me. She has songs that make me cry, others that make me smile, yet others that just fill me with the need for getting on an airplane and go see places really bad...I was listening to Kecharitomene from her latest album, An Ancient Muse, this morning, that really wants me to go and see Istambul when it was still Constantinople. Real bad. Or use it as a soundtrack for one of my stories.

About two weeks ago I got the newsletter from Quinlan Road, her record label (I am a member of their online community) that the dates are finalized and that indeed, she is coming to Dallas.
And I am going! Yay! I cannot wait!
Tickets are still available, so if you like her, don't wait getting them.


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