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Monday, September 17, 2007

Pet Peeves for Monday

"What?"you ask, Dear Reader. "It is Monday, not even noon, and The Bunny is already having peeves?" Yep, she does. They just piled up on me until critical mass was reached, so here you go.

1. If I walk into a space and someone walks in after me, and I say "hello, how are you?"I expect at least a grunted 'mpfh' in reply. You don't have to be nice to me, just acknowledge me as a fellow human being. Even if you don't like what I wear, you think I am an awful person, or your boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with you.
2. If I walk into the ladies' room and all I can smell is your perfume--you are using WAY too much perfume, and you are totally inappropriate for a workplace/doctor's office/home etc. where there might be asthma or allergy sufferers, or those with way too sensitive noses. As an extension of this, if, on the other hand, you have such a strong BO that all I can smell in the lunch room is you and not my lunch, please use some friggin' deodorant/body powder...especially if you are five months pregnant and hormones make you sweat like a pig.
3. If we are having an exchange of emails, and there were some open issues in the last, let me not chase after you with a followup or wonder what the hell happened and why you are avoiding me. Again, honor me as a fellow human being so that we can finish all the open issues and move on with our day.

The common theme in all three above? Try to walk in someone else's shoe for a little bit with or without your second cup of coffee and consider that other person's feelings before being overwhelmed with your own little world so much that you march though others' day wearing jackboots and making them post long rants on their blogs out of the blue.

Thank you. Now I go and toss some boxes in the storage room to calm down.

::off soapbox::


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