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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And in other news...

Um, seriously, why do we have to waste money on this study? This is something I learned in the first year The Husband and I lived together during our 'heroically long engagement' as he calls it.
The conclusion at the end of the article is rather interesting, too.

"It is still not clear what to recommend," Coyne said.
"Do we tell people
who have negative relationships to get therapy? They may have other
to do so, but I see no basis for them doing so only to avoid a heart attack,"
Coyne said. "

Hmmm....Therapy???? How about talking instead? It seems to me that therapy and giving drugs to 5-year olds who like to squirm in class is the stock answer lately. me, I'd rather talk to my spouse and give my kid a talk using all the humiliation skills I can remember my dad was using with me (up to and including audiotaping my hysterics and playing them back to me---NOTHING makes a 4-year old VERY self-counscious girl behaving better then hearing how unladylike and ridiculous she sounds on tape) plus the judicious threat of fatherly hands on buttocks in a slapping manner.



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