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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Long time No Blog...

Yes, I know...for the (maybe) two people who read this, I just did not have time. Since (shame on my head) I mostly blog in my copious free time at work, and well, I did not have much of that in the past week, I had no opportunity to post. On the weekends, as I spend practically 98% of my office time in front of the screen, I try not to use the 'puter much either.

So: I am through with the three available volumes of G. R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series; trying to determine if I hallucinated when I thought I've seen Feast For Crows in hardback in the McArthur Barnes&Noble...given that I haven't seen it on either amazon.com or on the online B&N site...I might have been. I was repeatedly shell-shocked by the series of dramatic, disturbing, beautiful and terrible event that befell the characters in this trilogy (will be strictly 6 books, or so Mr. Martin promises)--my hubbie and my roomies were looking at me much amused as I wandered around the house with this glassy expression on my face murmuring some ancient Hungarian curse under my breath, referring to one of the more dramatic ways in which Author-in-question finished a chapter (or finished off a character). Yes, in this series people die when they make too many stupid decisions.
Yes, I liked Aliens too, for precisely the same reason. Also Pitch Black. But I am known to be weird.

In other news, Russ has returned from the pleasantly warm Notheast, being an instructor at the yearly ISMAC event at Lansing, MI; translated this means that he taught people how to hit each other on the head with an axe, while his teacher taught people how to hurt each other with Western body movements. Apparently, they had huge fun: some of the organizers want them back next year, some of the participants never, ever want to see them again. And they are threatening the world with launching a new website: Roaches of the Intellect...I shiver!


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