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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Update On Foundation Repair and Like Matters

Well. Foundation work is done.
Foundation work is messy.
Foundation workers work HARD and clean up after themselves rather well.
However: lessee...
We have 4 holes in our house. Two in the living room, where the sofa used to be (said sofa being now in the middle of the living room in two pieces). Two in our bedroom where my white wicker-armoire and the faux Japanese screen hiding the wicker hamper resides normally. All four are covered in with cement--and tiny kitty pawprints, because NONE of our cats learned to walk around those sticky ovals on the floor. No matter, as Rufel keeps telling me, 'These shall be covered soon." As soon as they harden, that is. Until then, the carpet is pulled back in said places, plus all the way down on the corridor. Most of the furniture was moved around in these two rooms, plus the 'armoury' which is the 2nd/guest bedroom, is currently a storage room for All That Stuff that Had To Be Moved From Somewhere And Then Some...
On the plus side, we now can close the doors, the walls are straight, the cracks on the walls start to close up on their own...and soon, very soon, Rufel's wonderful brother-in-law can start working on our next big projects: The Replacement of Those Sorry Windows and the Out With That Carpet Monster! Whee!
Oh: the cats were all accounted for at the end of the day.

And a big hug for my husband, who made this all possible and stayed home and smiled all the way through, and ONLY at the VERY end, when Steve, the Olshan foreman and his crew departed did he say: 'I REALLY need to get out, and NOW."
THANKS, honey...for this, and much more. :-)


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