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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Sick again...

In case my gentle readers (all 3) are interested in my health status: am sick again...This winter has not been good for me at all--the sun is scarcely out (and when it is, I am usually sitting at my desk in the middle of a windowless office floor) and I am getting all kinds of bugs. This one here manifests inself in the form of a narsty headcold with all the symptoms it entails: the runny nose, the scratchy throat, the stuffed-up feeling in one's sinuses...
Meanwhile, we are having our foundation repaired on the house. We knew well that sooner or later it will happen when we bought our home in late 2002--well, the time came. Irving TX is notoriously bad for foundations and although there was nothing life threatening, the work needed to be done. It comes with a lifetime, transferable warranty--whee!
According to The Bunny's husband who stayed home for today to superwise the workers, the house is covered in plastic and masking tape, the carpet is pulled up in the living room and in the armory, and the cats are hiding so well that even he does not know where they are. And boy, is said husband restless. He's confined to the house, cannot do anything remotely meditative because of the jackhammers hammering away, cannot get to his 'toys' as they are all covered in plastic and tape...He stole me away for a brief lunch from work, however, and that was nice.

I wonder how it all will look like when I finally get home at the end of the day. Hmmm...


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