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Thursday, January 15, 2004

What's Up with the Sizes?

I just noticed it today...there were at least 3 women either on location, or in our organization but other location, who went up at least 2 dress sizes since they came to us. What's up with the Texas size portions and stuff, I wonder? I was shocked, I have to admit, when first I beheld the portion sizes at restaurants and soda fountains here. I mean, in Europe it's not customary to have free drink refills anywhere, either, so even that came as a slight surprise. But there is a noticeable difference indeed between, say, a Maryland portion and a Texas portion, too. I chose not to partake in the soft drink craziness here, don't put sugar in my coffee/tea, and have a relatively good-burning body chemistry, but this just hit me, seeing one of the ladies coming here from Memphis about a year ago, plumping about...Geez.
Not that I am not guilty of other vices...We'd been to the Ft. Worth Zoo last Sunday, and purchased a load of homemade fudge from their fudge shop, and oh, my, it is good. Granted, we are eating it for 5 days now, the 4 of us, and we still have half of it. Mmm...fudge...

In other news, I added the 'Comics I Read' section on the right hand side. Spacing is odd, but alas, I have no time to fiddle with the HTML now. Thanks for those who introduced me to those wonderful webcomics...the latest addition to my collection is Narbonic, the web comic about a mad scientist, her assistant, mutant gerbils, and more...


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