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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

House Update

So: there. It has officially started. yesterday the checks were cut, the workload has been established and on Friday the Floor/Ceiling and Window Projects shall start with:
Friday: flooring is brought over and stored in the house for 48 hours so it takes up the moisture and temperature of the house and does not crack/snap/pop/gets uneven etc.
Weekend: the combined Kovacs-Mitchell-Ramos-York household moves knickknacks and pictures (again) from areas where flooring will take place.
Monday: work on ceiling starts, followed by work on floor. This will take about two weeks.
When that's done, and hopefully the weather is more accommodating (but even if it's not) the window replacement shall start.
So in about a month, we'll have a dramatically improved home, with laminate everywhere but in the bedrooms--eventually those shall be done as well, and the sunroom will cease to be an energy vampire, radiating ice in the winter and heat in the summer. Yay.
In the meantime, much chaos shall ensue under our roof. Whee! Everyone knows how well The Bunny deals with chaos, right? :-)


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