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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Polidori Came and Went

It was fun! Thanks for all who were here & hopefully those who had to leave early recovered from their allergies and assorted ailings. It was one of the best ones I had the honor to attend and co-host: I sure hope those who came felt the same way.
For the un-initiated who may read my blog: Polidori is the semi-annual readings-party I got hooked into as the wife of Boxing Alcibiades who was among the people who started it way back in their University of Dallas years. It basically works like this: you show up; you bring booze and food; you bring a story (be it, as the invitation says, poem, prose or dithyramb); drink, eat, and read aloud, passing the Chair of Reading to each other. There are two in a year, the Fall one is, naturally, on All Saints Eve (with a theme to match that night when the barriers between the worlds are more open than usual); the other, in the Spring, has a theme changed every year. This time it was Love and Mystery...and boy howdy, there were some delicious submissions!


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