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Monday, September 27, 2004

Death by Brownie

Since it seems that this blog slowly turns into a foodie-type blog (and why not?), I shall chronicle the stuff we ate Saturday during the day-long celebration some people thought was their glove test in savate, but in fact just served as a thinly veiled excuse for some really gifted cooks and chefs in the martial arts community to argue about mops for BBQ, consistency of gyro meat over open grill fire, and correct methods of melting chocolate. And yes, I had a chance to listen to them, which was muy cool. Also, my husband and The Lizard Queen's instructor recruited me to help him making the world's most sinful brownie from a really, really awful cookbook, called "Eat What You Want and Die Like A Man'. Each slice of it contains 540 calories...::insert 'arteries popping'-sound::
No I am not giving out the recipe here; I don't have it yet, although I am planning to get it. Let me just say that it is quite an experience...and judging by the buckling of their knees some young ladies in the crowd reacted with when tasting the batter, yes, death by chocolate is quite a possibility, thank you.
We also had slowly smoked brisket with beer-olive oil-secret spice mix mop; venison gyro laced with real fatback and with real yogurt tzatziki and feta cheese; venison burgers with onion and pepper saute;more salad than you can dream of; beef fajitas; apple and cherry pie; cream puffs; Filipino karioka (rice flour and coconut dessert)...we had so much food! But looking at the sets and at least six rounds of sparring people had to do from 1000AM onwards, they needed it.
That brownie should be totally illegal, though...



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