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Monday, October 18, 2004

Carpet Fuzz

Now before my dear readers think that I disappeared entirely from the blogosphere: I did not. There was not much to blog about these days for me, that's all. I am getting into politics, reading up on American elections and such thanks to the links on my husband's blogsite here at Boxing Alcibiades.
But now:
Why was I finding carpet fuzz in my left shoe (tan Mary Jane, subdued but cute) this morning when:
a. said shoes are residing on a shelf in a closet
b. our carpeting had been replaced by hardwood in the bedrooms , all three of them, a month ago?

All I can think of, it either was the carpet elves giving me an early Christmas present, or one of my cats (suspecting BooBoo the Pixie-Bob) found a piece of carpet remaining somewhere and proceeded to joyfully to kill/maim/dis-fuzz it in the closet...This last one would, naturally, mean more carpet fuzz surprise in other shoes. The joy!


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