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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sick Times

So the husband is down with what first he thought was a mild angina/food poisoning, but now I am convinced is a full-fledged stomach flu. He's at home for the second day and is in really miserable shape. Good thoughts for recovery would be much appreciated--he's not sick very often, but when he is, he really gets it.

And I found another piece of carpet fuzz--on my bedroom's doorstep this time. A clear attempt to infiltrate my privacy by renegade fuzzers. Must initiate 24 hour bodyguard service by the cats...Rudy already started by guarding the sick husband in bed, and BooBoo, last time I've seen him, was patrolling the perimeter outside the house with his brand new sidekick, grey tabby Kitten BeeBop (yes, my husband names our cats...). Thus hopefully, no more fuzz intruders.


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