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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Off to DC

Radiosilence commences: we are off this morning to spend Christmas with The Husband's family. I just got off the phone with my folks back in Hungary. Judging by the accounts of my sister and stepmom, my dad is in his usual Christmas spirits...which means that he complains that the Christmas tree he's currently busy inserting into its tree stand is NOT STRAIGHT; that there's not enough little metal hanger thingies to hang Christmas candy (szaloncukor-a traditional Hungarian sweet candy and tree decoration) and it's awfully hard to get some at Lake Velence at two pm Christmas eve (shops close at noon today over there); that the fish soup is not hot/salty/fishy/paprika-full enough; that my sister showed up late/came too early...I would honestly not get into the Christmas spirit if I hadn't heard him grumbling about something today. It's traditional in our family...my sis was giggling over the phone because I quoted Dad to her point blank without even knowing he already said all those things.

Anyhoo: Merry Christmas everyone and see you soon!!


At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!

The Davenport 7

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Chris - Wichita said...


hope you're having fun out in DC.

When you get back, could you look at this: http://www.idg.hu/expo/varosliget/1896/parbaj1.html
and let me know if there is any interesting biographical/career/family information about Italo Santelli?

I've been trying to track down what I can. This is one of the very few pictures I can find of him.



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