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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quickly, again

This keyboard is so weird, being the traditiolnal Hungarian one that is, I no longer find the right way to type, and Y and Z are changed places...argh. Weather turned laast night with lots of rain, so it is clear but cold today and might even get snow tomorrow night. All is spiffy, and if we manage to charge the digicam's battery tonight, more pictures, too. We went up to the Castle today and met a grey crow in the middle of the street (damned keyboard STICKS too)...
And The Husband sez he will have his revenge on our friend who got him drunklast night by feeding him habanero chili next time the treat is on us...heheh.
Maybe he bring a bottle of Mezcal, even.
Time is up, folks...hugs to everyone'


At 11:54 AM, Anonymous rufel said...

:-) Sounds like y'all are having a hoot of a time! Yayness!


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