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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Alive and Kicking

Well, I am still alive....just some fairly intense weeks at work and home prevented me from much blogging.
Spring continues to progress...we finally got to yard maintenance, did the rounds of fertilizing and bed praparation last weekend and planted some tomatoes and herbs. This weekend, as we GOT RAIN... (yay!)...I got peppers and one more tomato (last year we loved the little Yellow Pear tomatoes, so I got one of those), plus more herbs. Also got some beneficial nematodes to spray around the yard to keep all kinds of pests (including fire ants) under control (not to mention fleas)...and planning by next weekend to get ladybugs and some praying mantis eggs to distribute to control more bad bugs. By thyen temperatures will be sufficiently warm so that they'll stay in the garden. With the ladybugs of course, the prerequisite will be if I actually get aphids on my roses this year: last spring's infection was amazingly weak and quickly disappeared thanks to the litle predators.
Gardening is always fun at this time of the year: the trick is how to keep eveything alive once the 100 degree scorchers hit us.


At 3:43 PM, Blogger Kiki said...

Hey there.

I really do love nature but not having to help cultivate it. This is why I love the cold of winter and the furnace of summer... no lawn mowing.
Luckily (for me) our house has no front yard. I'll have to get a lawn service at the next house or the neighbors will have us killed.


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