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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bathroom Woes

Our master bathroom started to exhibit serious signs of a leak last SUnday morning. We called in the problem through our HomeShield coverage, and they scheduled a service for Tuesday (called the problem in on Sunday, they called back Monday afternoon). The Husband stayed home Tuesday to supervise: they came around 2pm, he called and told me they fixed it around 300pm. I got home at 530, walked into the bathroom that was supposedly fixed and it was more standing water on the floor than before the fix. We called the plumbers back, they came back, prodded and poked and and told us the leak was behind the panel of wall behind the sink, and they'd need to pull the sink pedestal, the toilet and the panel to get to it to fix. Meanwhile, they did a quickfix, run water in the sink, it did not leak (The Husband was standing there while they were doing it, and it did not leak). We said 'cool, we'll call Home Shield tomorrow'. The plumbers left, and next time I got to the bathroom, there was even more water on the floor. Puzzled, we put more towels on the floor and called HomeShield Wednesday. This time it was I who took half a day off for Thursday, as they said they'd be coming between 800 and 1000.

So: I am sitting here, wringing towels, waiting for the plumbers to show up again. It is 1000. NO one's here. I call the plumbers' dispatch. She's puzzled too. She says:'let me page him'. She calls me back 10 minutes later, apologizing through her teeth, as the plumber guy was in a meeting this am, and will not be able to get out here before 1130.
Now: if I know this yesterday, I would not have taken the half day off, just go to work and get into the car and drive home when they call that he's on his way (I work about 15 minutes from home).
I REALLY hope they do a decent job this time: otherwise, my evaluation of them will go down a notch, and thatd be a pity, because I like ts plumber service--they always'd been prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable while expaining in totally layman's terms that even I can understand what they were doing. But when your bathroom is mysteriously flooding from behind the wall, you get a bit agitated.


At 11:46 AM, Blogger JimDesu said...

Well that really blows; let us know how that works out please.


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